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Welcome to the Casa de Salud Dental! We are the provider of advanced dentistry to patients of all ages. We are dedicated to provide quality dental care because we love our patients to smile with healthy teeth. We offer state of the art technology that gives our clients a feel that they are in the very best hands at all stages of orthodontic treatment.

At Casa de Salud Dental, our aim is to provide a dental care which is uniquely made for an individual. We have a team of specialist orthodontists who share a common passion to provide a personalized dental treatment plan with an ambience of skill and professionalism.

Our name can be synonymous with great affordability and quality. With exceptional treatment option and advanced technologies, we can assure our clients to get a beautiful smile with fewer appointments and faster treatment time.

Care advice

Taking care of your dental health is one of the most important thing that patients should care about. The function of caring teeth requires lots of patience and skill. In fact dental care is just as important as taking medications for any physical disorders. This is the reason why you should know how to help yourself in regards to proper dental care.


Casa de Salud Dental provides comprehensive dental care and advice on emergency basis. We offer on-call dentists to help our clients with dental emergencies. There are some situations that can be handled over phone, however, there maybe times when you need to be seen by a dentist. Feel free to call us for any kind of dental emergency.


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    Thank you so much. You guys did a great job. Will surely recommend.


    - Maria Trump

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    I am very grateful to Casa De Salud Dental as they helped fixing my dental problems. I would highly recommend them


    - John Smith